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maker projects round up

Here's a collection of some of the projects I worked on during my time at the Intel store with Maker Education Initiative.

December 30, 2013:

I spent today working on that circuit using some parts from a clock radio Emmanuel brought in and built a little Intel puppet with the audio synth as a voice.

December 28, 2013:

today I used one of the motor circuits I worked on yesterday, and, using a motor from a printer, a volume control from a cd player and an old cell phone power supply, I made a circuit to change the speed of a motor, and then attached a cute Hello Kitty balloon toy made by Shelley.

December 27, 2013:

Today I found a printer in the recycling bin and took it apart to see what I could find. I found a bunch of little components, 4 DC motors and a stepper motor. I built a new circuit based on some of the 555 timer stuff I've been looking at on Make Zine but burned out one of my 555s. Oops! Hopefully tomorrow I can make something cool with all those motors.


December 18, 2013:

A reindeer with salvaged motor control draw with the help of a couple of experience agents.

December 16 2013:

A speaker circuit made from salvaged cd discman and a printer mother board.

December 14, 2013:

A cupcake game made with the help of Mohammed, Alex, Milo and Noah.