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new 555 synth for booger bus voices
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Last weekend I made a modification of the circuit from this workshop that I did last winter, using an FSR instead of the second potentiometer, to make a little 555 synth to use for the voices of the characters in Booger Bus.  I want to build a nice wood encasing for it, but I'll probably need more time to get some tools and stuff for the new shop.

That's what is sounds like.

The circuit and the case:



I put it together in pretty bootleg fashion, soldering each new lead to the base of the last one to put the circuit together, so I was kind of amazed when it actually worked after I plugged it in.  I'm going to work on a new synth that uses six (!) 555s and 12 potentiometer's for background music.  It's a little crazy sounding but I think it will sound cool.  Trying to decide is some pots should be replaced with "keys" or buttons so I will need to do some experiments first.