the website of owen byron roberts

I started working on a game idea a few months ago, haven't had much time to get into it but managed to get one character animated and a nav mesh for it to walk around.  Most of the game is generated at run time, there will be different characters, dialog and building regenerated after the player dies.  Basic idea is a sort of exploration of meaning using my weird alphabet that has been developed through different projects since the Levi Strauss Autobiography project in 2012.  So there will be different characters that interpret the alphabet to mean different things and the player is trying to find a sort of guru character that offers some sort of salvation.  I've been reading blogs by christians and other faiths questioning their beliefs and using the game as a way of understanding or exploring that search.  That's as far as I've gotten.

In general I am trying to start documenting the process of making stuff more, like a dev blog, rather than just dumping everything into a blog post when I'm done.