So I placed a bulk order for sausage that I was told would be "Free of preservatives and additives" and ended up with 12 pounds of sausage with the following ingredients: Pork, water, dextrose, MSG, spices

Dextrose and MSG: awesome. I cannot bring myself to throw out 15 pounds of sausage, so what I want to know is how should I consider dextrose? Is Dextrose the 100% equivalent to table sugar?

I know MSG has gotten a bad rap, but all the articles I look at online just talk about how the government uses it to make poor people more satisfied with their gas station food which means jack squat to me as I could not care less about conspiracy theories and am more interested in the facts behind the food. What is the deal with MSG, can anyone tell me?

I guess if I am going to eat this sausage I just want to understand what I'm putting into my body, because I've got 15 pounds of this crap.

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