the website of owen byron roberts

Getting To Know You is an art game currently available on

It was originally created as an art app for iPhone, Android and Google Cardboard VR.

It was exhibited as VR piecce in August 2015 at the ISEA 2015 conference in Vancouver, Canada.

I also make a limited run book based on the project.

I recently decided to stop supporting apps created for iPhone and other platforms so I created a downloadable version of the project for Mac and Windows.

The app tells a story through the exploration of obscure and moving landscapes. The camera in the virtual world is mapped to the rotation of your device, so users must move around to make their way through the world.  I began developing GTKY at the Banff Artist in Residence program in August of 2014.

This is an installation of an early version of the app in the Philosopher’s Knoll at Banff.  I projected the iPad onto a wall so that other viewer’s could watch as one person interacted with the app.