Hot Dogs is part of a series in progress that I began developing as part of Crit in Fall 2017. "Hot Dogs Part 1" was shown with other members of Crit at Ghost Gallery in Brooklyn. It was a really fun show. Crit is awesome, I recommend anyone to apply. Since the project was just a website, I made a little poster and installed that in the gallery.

Part 1 is available at the URL It requires a mobile phone with a browser to view and headphones are very recommended.

I'm still working on Parts 2 & 3, I hope to release them during 2018, like, soon ish.

Update: Part 2, Trampoline, is available now at

Another update: I made a WebVR version using the SteroEffect code from an old Google Cardboard example, it's up at I have to say, the VR experience is definitely worse than the original pseudo-VR version. The new WebVR stuff didn't work for what I built in three.js so this is a little cobbled together. I wanted to give this a try as a way to have some new VR project to potentially submit to stuff but I don't really like VR. Anyway, it's up and you can try it out if you have a Cardboard or Daydream or some other smart phone VR viewer.

The 2D animation in Hotdogs uses an animation tool called lines that I've been developing for a few years.

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