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This game Frail Shells that I found recently is really cool.  It's one of the few games I've played that uses a sort of unconventional structure (without ruining it, it starts as a  first person shooter that is hilariously difficult, and turns into something much more thoughtful).  The basic idea behind it is very simple and might even seem corny if it wasn't done so straight forward.  I find the problem with games that aren't action packed or fun the way we expect them to be is that at a certain point you get that nothing else is going to "happen" so once you've understood the gimmick of the non-game or unconventional game there isn't much reason to keep going.  Not much "happens" in Frail Shells but I was really interested to find out how it would end or if it would end, partly because it never oversells itself as a "meaningful" game or something like that.