the website of owen byron roberts

odds and ends · some projects i've worked on

didi and gogo, two twitter bots sourced from the Vladimir and Estragon characters in Waiting for Godot, in endless dialog with each other.

terrible nfts, a satirical twitter bot that makes bad NFT art.

Shepherd, an art game created with Yin Liu.

Melon Chat, simulation of a social network with bots sourced from The Anatomy of Melancholy by Robert Burton.

turdle, wordle clone that you can't lose.

Owen's Predictive Text AI, satirical predictive text application.

toilet, art game. Originally distributed as QR codes on stickers in various toilets.

Word Bridge, application that connects words through synonyms. Collaboration with Joel Stillman.

Geneword, application that created new works. Collaboration with Tom Haviv.